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Influencer Discovery

With our access to backend data-driven analysis, GenGrowth influencer relation managers are able to filter the appropriate influencers for each campaign. This allows us to make informed decisions based on previous influencer performance to select the optimal creators that align with your brand. From nano to macro, our wide network can introduce you to influencers of any size based on the campaign goals.

Campaign Management

From the campaign pitch to being published, GenGrowths team will manage the entirety of the influencer campaign. Our team will ensure to implement strategies that will yield the best results while targeting influencers audiences. It is most important that we set clear campaign goals and define them with the KPIs necessary during and concluding the campaign.

Paid Media

With access to countless publications in almost every industry, our team has the ability to distribute press releases for any upcoming events or campaigns. A number of the hundreds of publications include, Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, Yahoo News, The Washington Post, MarketWatch, Financial Times, and hundreds more.

Campaign Analysis

Our team has developed a metric based tracking system to ensure that results are reviewed on a consistent basis, subsequent to the campaign. We will follow-up with reports on the engagement relating to audience location, age, gender, and more, so that you can be informed on the strategies that are working with certain audiences. Upon concluding the campaign, we will provide a detailed report on the campaign goals, strategies, influencer statistics and the overall results achieved.

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